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Since the market entry of the search engine “Bing” Microsoft has generated a heated discussion about possible duplicates to the algorithm used by google by the “Bing “.The truth for the customer is one, the competition never hurt you. Should we go to report, is well aware that with this entry on the scene of Bing and sequent controversy surrounding the algorithm, Google has shown rapid improvement with regard to the algorithm. Best and return relevant results to the user is the mission of Google, which finds itself ina more stately home since the arrival on the scene on February 24 the “Farmer algorithm update“. A google via blog announced some changes in order to privileging the quality of content. With this amendment, which initially only applies in the U.S., hoveram sites already heavily penalized by this […]

Seems that Microsoft isn´t sleeping when Google tried to get the network monopole In Worldwide Partner Conference, in 13 of July 2009, announced that Office 2010 will be available in beta version to tens of thousands of people. This Office brings collaboration tools and a “web client that you’ll be able to use simply by […]