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Being a designer its increasing to 100% sure that you are in a close and kind relationship with typography. Perhaps, you would expect a full post of fonts with reviews or tips for your work. That would not be happening here!!  But if you stumbled here looking for fonts and maybe some tips you may want to look at this […]

“What is the difference? and why is important to choose always the best typography?” Mostly of the available free fonts have more styles in the pack that are payable. In some big families they allow the free use of one styles (more times  the regular one) – this way the designers can experiment them before a […]

The printed word has been in existence for hundreds of years and the written word has been in existence for thousands. One area of design that has trailed more than any other in the transition to the web has been typography – in ezinearticles. The type is the main concern of all designs i made, […]

Web typography


(Only miss changing to English the pictures example) After launching the first “Typo” on the Web by Tim Berners-Lee, we´re able to identify, in the history line, a variety of different ways of communication (audio, video, script …). However, it is impossible not see the importance that the text remains and will continue to be […]