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Since the market entry of the search engine “Bing” Microsoft has generated a heated discussion about possible duplicates to the algorithm used by google by the “Bing “.The truth for the customer is one, the competition never hurt you. Should we go to report, is well aware that with this entry on the scene of Bing and sequent controversy surrounding the algorithm, Google has shown rapid improvement with regard to the algorithm. Best and return relevant results to the user is the mission of Google, which finds itself ina more stately home since the arrival on the scene on February 24 the “Farmer algorithm update“. A google via blog announced some changes in order to privileging the quality of content. With this amendment, which initially only applies in the U.S., hoveram sites already heavily penalized by this […]

“What is the difference? and why is important to choose always the best typography?” Mostly of the available free fonts have more styles in the pack that are payable. In some big families they allow the free use of one styles (more times  the regular one) – this way the designers can experiment them before a […]

Tips to do when its comes 404 not found pages at your web site, what you should do about that? 404 error can be one of the most important pages in all your web site.  When you save a new interesting article at your firefox bookmarks, digg, delicious, stumble, etc its one of the good […]

You´ll stay admired when you check your website statistics and see that you´ve lots of traffic provided by mobile devices or other screens with 420 pixels resolutions or even lower. Truly thinking in this permissive wrote by Ben Parr @mashable web site: “Web access will not focus around the computer”, I truly believe that this […]

In this days happened to me, i laugh because of a design object!! I was at pizzart a restaurant in Aveiro and what was my surprise when stoped in front of the WC!? I did not know what door to choose!!! Right, left, left, right… and with the shame of entering in the wrong place […]

Se pensarmos da importância do Design na história percebemos que esta actividade, embora não reconhecida como tal, é uma das mais antigas do ser humano. Desde cedo aprendemos a usar e a moldar a natureza que nos envolvia para criar objectos do uso quotidiano: pedras afiadas atadas a uma estaca faziam-se lanças para ajudar na […]