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Since the market entry of the search engine “Bing” Microsoft has generated a heated discussion about possible duplicates to the algorithm used by google by the “Bing “.The truth for the customer is one, the competition never hurt you. Should we go to report, is well aware that with this entry on the scene of Bing and sequent controversy surrounding the algorithm, Google has shown rapid improvement with regard to the algorithm. Best and return relevant results to the user is the mission of Google, which finds itself ina more stately home since the arrival on the scene on February 24 the “Farmer algorithm update“. A google via blog announced some changes in order to privileging the quality of content. With this amendment, which initially only applies in the U.S., hoveram sites already heavily penalized by this […]

For all designi1 visitors we wish you an happy season Take a heap of child-like wonder That opens up our eyes To the unexpected gifts in life— Each day a sweet surprise.Mix in fond appreciation For the people whom we know; Like festive Christmas candles, Each one has a special glow.Add some giggles and some […]

You can promote and be promoted at same time inside of your friends network. At first instance i thought the plugin would display all profiles that choose the “Like” option – but with some experiences and some reviews i realize that it only been showed the Facebook profiles that you´ve/are friend already (you are not […]

Spring already hold your hearts past 5 days and I personally had the opportunity to feel this warm season, raining and colorful. This image were selected for this bright season and I´m sure that our works will reflect the colors of Spring. Welcome! Spring detail color images Pure And Fresh Spring Water In My… by […]

This week was very rich in new design stuff. It was hard to select this list with so many interested design projects. You´ll find here Logotypes – best of 2009, Photography and textures, articles, patterns, wordpress developments, tutorials, tools…  hope you can get inspired after this post and if you´ve some nice article that can […]

Hey guys, i´m recently redesigning my website. If you saw something changing do not be afraid its just me mixing some colors, adding new CSS and images. Far from the redesign ending i´ll in meanwhile making some post “we can stop walk just because we don´t have shoes”… You know what a mean 😀 Feel […]

I´m actually making all artwork for the IWE2010 and for my inspiration i´ve searched a lot about the event theme – Sustainable World. Most of the research that i´m  showing here was made at Deviantart where i recently created one account to promote all my artwork. The sketch artwork for IWE2010 can be seen at […]