Fill Your Heart – S. Valentine Wallpaper


Great date to share some love with your lover. Christmas it´s whenever men´s will i would add the quote S. Valentine it´s when you want as well. But hell the celebration day is almost there and i´d made a heart wallpaper wish you can drag you love icons, photos, poem and love music into the heart. Fill yourself the heart and i wish you the best moments of your life with your “partner lover”. David Bowie . Fill Your Heart

Preview of what you should get

wallpaper s. valentine

Fill your heart wallpaper

Download high resolution @devianart


wallpaper s. valentine´s day

You can do the same as the first preview image. I pretty sure that you´ll get awesome different background results.

It´s hard to avoid the shortcut icons on our desktop, some can, i do not and i felt that this could be a good idea of what a wallpaper should be. It´s only for one day. I hope you like it.


One Response to “Fill Your Heart – S. Valentine Wallpaper”

  1. ooh my valentine is here

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