February 2011 – Desktop Wallpaper Calendar


Here it comes – February 2011 desktop calendar wallpapers. This month it´s a special time of the year. It´s the time when the lovers exchange they feelings a bit more. This month selection will reflect this period of time.

Valentine’s Day Special – by Cheth

cheth february wallpaper 2011

The master webs

the master webs - wallpaper february

Nevil Zavery

nevil zavery february wallpaper

Give More

give more february wallpaper


polluxos february wallpaper

Paper leaf

paper leaf february wallpaper


fudge graphics 2011 desktop wallpaper of February


FKSD February wallpaper 2011

Jasz Design

Jasz Design february wallpaper

In the end

I just want to thank once more all the designers that spend they time to give us this great February 2011 wallpapers. Choose your best! If there is any we´ve 34 2011 desktop wallpapers here in high resolution you may want to take a look as well – for one reason 11 months left to finish the year ! 😛


4 Responses to “February 2011 – Desktop Wallpaper Calendar”

  1. Very nice wallpapers. I didn’t have time to make any wallpaper this month 😦

  2. Cool collection again! 😀

  3. DEzine m8, you´ve loads, lots of websites 😀 managing all of them i would not had time as well! I´m always really impressive with your commitment to work. Keep going and i would love to see next month a new calendar wallpaper.
    @joão You´ve made a different style wallpaper what is always nice. because this list needed to be the most homogeneous as possible. thanks for stopping by both, for the article promotion and the comment. Thanks guys!

  4. its just too awesome

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