Create a Designi1 Curves in the Adobe Illustrator

I always believed the best images artwork always has “insignificant” elements as it will be shown in this simple tutorial. That in another hand, they can be a strong way to get reality and deep into your artwork.
This kind of texture will not interfere directly into the main meaning of what you´re promoting but certainly will help the emotional and sensory side of your brain. That is why i call this as “insignificant” images. But, they can be appealing and powerful when it comes to the emotionalize the user attention.

1 – Some Final examples

The start of the designi1 redesign

Cool designi1 background made with the same technique

Background image

2 – Drawing the lines

Use your Pen Tool in your tools box and draw two free lines as it shows in the image.

Create 2 random lines

3 – Blending Option Tool

Without any selection go to you blend option tool (Object/Blend/Blend Options). Select spacing as Specified Steps (with value 30) and the option Align to Path. After the Blend configuration select the both lines you´ve draw and Select Make (Object/blend/Make) or the shortkey alt+ctrl+B – for Mac CMD+B.

4 – Adjust your lines

Then you can grab your curves and insert them into your current work. As it shows in the image below i´m adjusting that curves to new designi1 website. But some final tricks might be useful:

  • Select the original lines with the Direct Selection Tool
  • Give them different colors/transparency
  • Select the line points and move them into new direction to get the exact curves you want

Final thoughts

The good designer is the guy that uses his culture, methodology and loads of juice creativity to transform or create solutions that helps the human life. This is a kind of tutorial for who wants to be and do a better Graphic worker. I always learned from tutorials around the design community to learn better and new techniques. I´m thankful for the community and i feel as well that this share spirit must be kept wealthy and alive. With the redesign of I may do some more tutorials in some sort of way to show you the redesign process.  Stay tunned, you may follow the most recent updates at twitterRSSRSS via emailor facebook page.

Your Turn to Talk


6 Responses to “Create a Designi1 Curves in the Adobe Illustrator”

  1. cool resourceful one

  2. I thanks you for your feedback!

  3. useful blog

  4. Nice blending exercise 🙂

  5. Hey, thanks for the comments guys! That´s true wetalkabout its always a good exercise doing this kind of tutorials. I´ve learn it a few years ago when i design first time the, and now, i´m using these technique in a lot of works. I´m trying atm merging this blending option with another technique, maybe with photoshop for lightening the lines with the glaussion blur or something. Suggestions are always welcome! Once more, thanks for the feedback! 😀

  6. 6 Márcio

    Temas interessantes directamente de Coimbra. Thanks

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