The Most Important Social Icons – Free To Use


We are back with Freebies! In the last couple of the days i felt that the designi1 needed a new set of social icons but this time they needed to be designed by myself. The need was found and with that a lot of simple but important questions came up to the table: What social network should we design? What are the most important networks? What should designi1 do to keep more listening users?

Of course the content is always the best weapon when we want to attract the visitants and turn them into a constant regular use. In another hand we need to give them tools that allow them to stay tunned at all fresh designi1 content. That´s why we think in RSS, RSS via email, contact, the social network twitter, facebook and the flickr. In this pack we might find, perhaps, the most recognized and popular designers/works and news about design that we´ll should get involved into. In these networks we can find the most fresh and outstanding works around the design community.

Sometimes the important thing is not the most popular networks but the networks that you have really good listeners and that should be considered for you with the best networks. I said that because is particularly impossible being active in all networks and give them valuable importance and relevant feedback that attract always good visitants. We can be present in all networks but to be a really listener we should use only some.

Hell… im not here to talk about the social networks but to present you with my first social icons for free. You can see some different colors and previews with the same design line of icons.

In the next few days I´ll available to you another freebies but this time will be the same social icons coded in HTML and CSS. With Copy and past, upload images and change the social logins you´re done!

Some examples

This examples  were not implemented by the site owners, i just made the preview there because is the best way to show you that they work in a lots of designed active websites.

Preview at

Preview at Six Revisions

Preview at Smashmagazine

Preview at Vandelay Design

Preview at WebExpedition18

Preview at Zeldman

Final notes

These were designed on Adobe Illustrator CS3 we have included the .AI and .EPS files for all kinds of projects. Do not redistribute the Freebies and claim them as your own. If you found an important social icon missing do not forget to mention in the comment section and I´ll soon as it possible available them to you.

Do not forget, if you want to stay tunned to the last designi1 updates you can follow me at Twitter, grab my RSS, (RSS via email), Facebook or Flickr account.

Download the free .AI and .EPS file with all vector shapes. You are free to use. I just ask to refer this page if you publish or talk about this work. Thank you and enjoy!


4 Responses to “The Most Important Social Icons – Free To Use”

  1. I don’t see these icons on your blog? I am just seeing icons on the right side of my browser window.

  2. Nice one mate!

  3. Yea, you´re right! I just made a preview at designi1 but pretty soon i´ll add them to the template!!! 😀 Thanks for the feedback buddy! Btw, i saw your DM message…tomorrow i´ll reply to you buddy.
    @ben, thanks!

  4. black butterflies,

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