Outstanding Places Were You Can Find Awesome Fonts


Being a designer its increasing to 100% sure that you are in a close and kind relationship with typography. Perhaps, you would expect a full post of fonts with reviews or tips for your work. That would not be happening here!!  But if you stumbled here looking for fonts and maybe some tips you may want to look at this post:

Some say that content is king, typography is actually the main road to go through the exact meaning of your intention / communication.  This affirmation remembered me an article at “Information architects” summarizing that 95% of our communication are made by typography. I couldn´t agree more with that article. This post its the effort to bring it to you the best typography web sites – check them out and use fonts!

Payable fonts

Both – payable and free


If you want fresh news about new payable and free fonts you can stay tunned at some design websites as smashmagazine, speckyboy, behance and maybe sometimes here at designi1 as well to catch up the best fresh new fonts.

Feel free to suggest new sources were we can get new fresh and useful typography at the comment section. For now this are the places, the best fine labs, were designi1 get the most news about typography, enjoy! And once more feel free to suggest your sources!

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5 Responses to “Outstanding Places Were You Can Find Awesome Fonts”

  1. Really useful stuff.. i din’t knew addictivefonts.com i will surly look at it

  2. Good sites you found, I found some useful bold fonts from there for my banner design work 🙂

  3. Hey!! I´m really Glad you found this post list useful. I ´ve posted only the websites i knew as great quality fonts but i´m pretty sure that is lots of great other places were we can pick some lovely fonts. Feel free to suggest some places!!

  4. una buena seleccion para descargar fuentes , habia algunas que no conocia muchas gracias…

  5. Gracias levelGraphics! I´m glad that this post was useful for you as well 😀 Thanks for the feedback!

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