November Calendar Wallpaper 2010


I do think the weather helps it a lot because, in the Northern Hemisphere, where I live, it’s autumn. This is the start of the rainy season as well. November always reminds me of Gun´s and Roses Music – November rain. That´s why I reccomend you listen to the music while you check this awesome collection of calendar wallpapers for november 2010. Please leave a comment or reply, this would be a kind of award to the designers that made an awesome job this month.

Lake Pamamaroo November 2010

Sydney Harbour Bridge November 2010

Wallpaper calendar November 2010

Wallpaper calendar November 2010

Wallpaper calendar November 2010

November calendar wallpaper 2010

Wallpaper calendar november 2010

Wallpaper calendar November 2010

wallpaper calendar november 2010

November 2010 wallpaper calendar

2010 November wallpaper calendar

november wallpaper calendar 2010



November wallpaper calendar 2010

Do you like them? What´s your choice for this month?
End note: Feel free to send me yours at anytime!


8 Responses to “November Calendar Wallpaper 2010”

  1. Its an awesome list buddy!!! I loved the sermonspice calender….

  2. Thanks Rocky! the designers did a great job this month! 😀

    And yea, the sermonspice wallpaper its simple cute! thanks for stopping by and for the comment as well!

  3. Very nice wallpapers. The one I like very much is the “Dead Tree” wallpaper, 2nd from Top. It reminds of the “Dead Tree Photography” I posted on my blog few days ago.

    Thanks for the compilation.

  4. Thanks Jahangir, really appreciate the promotion you made around the social network and the comment.

  5. Hi Jose, thank you very much for featuring my wallpaper 🙂 It is always nice to see it listed on your blog. Congrats to all designers as well

    Btw, I am retweeting you for sure 🙂

  6. Thanks buddy! its pretty cool having your kind feedback… Thanks for comment and for the promotion buddy! Keep going the great work, i´ll keep my eyes open, December its almost here 😀

  7. Thanks for the wallpapers. They’re lovely!


  8. Im glad Andrei 😀 Thanks for stoping by!!

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