Why type matters? Free and playable Fonts


“What is the difference? and why is important to choose always the best typography?”

Mostly of the available free fonts have more styles in the pack that are payable. In some big families they allow the free use of one styles (more times  the regular one) – this way the designers can experiment them before a possible acquisition.

Good type

Good Type helps

We all know that just one particular style is impossible to design a book and maybe a leaflet. In another hand, mixing a particular free semibold style and a regular one from other font we may do a entire job using only free fonts – but be careful, not all available free fonts are good to use in all projects. When it comes for a particular language like the Portuguese or German lang we really need a type font that can handle with all graphemes available. English, standard and most use lang its all known that do not have any special character and the most of free available fonts as that issue.

Accented letters on Latin alphabet

I have particular problems because my main language work is centered “Occidental alphabet”. Graphemes like “ç, ã, à…” not always are the main concerns for the type makers size  the base alphabet do not have that kind of characters. Apart from that particularly issue i´ve seen lots of free gorgeous fonts that i would love to use.

Download free CODE Font

Click on the image to download the free CODE Font

Why Typography family?

Having a full family you can had all the opportunities to succeed  at your work.

Typography family

Click the image to download Quick Sans Family

Typography as a content king

Some say that content is king, typography is actually the main road to go through the exact meaning of your intention / communication.  This affirmation remembered me an article at “Information architects” summarizing that 95% of our communication are made by typography. I couldn´t agree more with that article.

Museo Slab

Museo Slab comes in 12 styles of which 2 are free – regular and italic! This is a great font for headlines, blockquotes and will be lovely in full texts. The 2 free styles will limit the use of this great font but you can already enjoy them in longer texts and be sure that with 455 glyphs won´t be missing any. They´ve as well 3 weights: 300, 500 and 700 that can be useful as i said for Blockquotes and headlines. This was the last font that i´ve use. I truly recommend to take a look.

museo slab Font type

Click on the image to download the free styles of Museo Slab


It was featured the latests typographic recourses made at the best labs in entire world while the article about free and payed fonts was written. You can follow the next lines all the research i made and all the URL´s you can find the most updated best font works. Have Fun!

Payable fonts

Both – payable and free

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17 Awesome Free Fonts for Your Work

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Calluna; Harabara; Puritan; Resavska; Roadway;

Star Avenue; RipeType; Lot; Fh-Lentil-Regular


4 Responses to “Why type matters? Free and playable Fonts”

  1. this articles resolves many problem about select proper font to design a impressive template.
    thanks for sharing bro

  2. Thanks Jazz. I´m glad that this tips will help you out in your daily work. Btw, size i posted 17 free fonts i´m trying to use them more and more. Then i got now another experience about that particular fonts that i didnt had when i wrote that article. So, if you´re using long latin text´s with graphemes you should try Resavska font. So far its doing great with all weighs and graphemes needed to the portuguese lang 😀

  3. The article is very educative and informative with some quite useful resources for payable and free fonts

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