404 error page – what you should do about that?


Tips to do when its comes 404 not found pages at your web site, what you should do about that?

404 error can be one of the most important pages in all your web site.  When you save a new interesting article at your firefox bookmarks, digg, delicious, stumble, etc its one of the good pretty motives for when you go back after years that old URL´s maybe do not exist any more. You may felt disappointed but in another hand like this examples I´ll show you below you can a get big smile and a strong impulse to search for another stuff instance of leaving the web site. Lets take a look!


Tip 1 – Give to the visitor a pretty good explanation why he can find that page

Tip 2 – Never say that is his fault because he didn´t find what he want – we need to be always guilt about the innocence of the others

404 error page


Tip 3 – Prepare a nice image to surprise you visitor as well… that way you can get 1×1 rule: one frustration and one satisfaction.  Frustration, because the visitor didnt get the page he want and one WoW cool image surprising to keep the visitor attention and give them back the satisfaction (further we´ll understood better this rule)

Tip 4 – You can give them a random web page like project-euh did. Don´t know if is the best option but is one option. If you do not give anything it i´ll be worst instance!


Tip 5 – Be always creative, don´t forget the 1 x 1 rule. You can always give one contact to talk to the administration team. This way the frustrated visitor may want to ask were it goes the content that he was looking for…

The Future of Web Design

Tip 6 – You can always give the home URL or other trend topics you might want to promote . The user may want to search another contents. Don´t forget the 1×1 rule, you need to get the user focus, your creativity will help him to decide if he want to search for another thing, or he can just leave.

Product Planner




404 error page


error 404 page

This one in particularly make me laugh.  “… You like 404 pages” 😀

Suspended Animations

404 error pages


centerd error 404


heinz 404 error page


gog error 404 page


404 error page


cssscoop error 404


boxtop 404 error page


zopa 404 error page


arbitrary constante 404 error page


markdijkstra error 404


fryewiles 404 error page


popscreen 404 error page


twurn 404 error page

Club Penguin

club penguin 404 error page


south park 404 error page

Plugins to make the 404 error page

If you´re using the wordpress CMS you may find a simple solution browsing this two URL suggestions:

Others 404 error list pages

A standard error as no good feeling

IE standard 404 error

IE error page

Portuguese online news – “i”

ionline error page


One of the worst part of website can be the 404 error page but our days the things have changed, for good i mean it. The users don´t like the standard IE or server configuration 404 pages and the designers themselves don’t like them either. 404 error pages is perhaps major reason why the user leave the web site or felt frustrated because they didn´t get what they want. These less frequently seen pages needed to be good for an effective 1×1 rule, for one side try to keep the user attention, give them some good explanation and renew his trust to keep browsing – this is what a good designer should think/be.


16 Responses to “404 error page – what you should do about that?”

  1. Nice article Jose!
    Since i don’t have 404 page yet, this will certainly help me find inspiration to create it.

  2. Hey Nikola.

    I´m glad that can be useful for you m8. Many thanks for the comment.

  3. “404 error pages is perhaps major reason why the user leave the web site”

    Exactly, so why not go beyond the standard 404 page and provide a better experience for the user? I’ve outlined one possibility here: http://bit.ly/ailAPg

  4. Hey Jonathan, thanks for let us know your article. You really described very well the whys of 404 pages.

  5. This article is so great I had to translate it and post it to my blog for the Greek Geeks! Thank you!

  6. Hey Mike,

    I´m really glad you see this post useful. Hope you can keep finding here more interesting articles 😀
    Many thanks for your feedback.

  7. 7 Rocky

    Great article buddy 🙂

  8. I´m Glad you liked Rocky. Thanks for the comment and the article promotion.

  9. Very nice showcase, some of these pages have amazing designs

  10. Thanks for your feedback DBuzz. I´m glad you enjoy the showcase.

  11. Hey Jose;

    Awesome article there, very nice written with lots of useful info! =)


  12. thanks for stoping by and for the comment VUk 😀

  13. Very usefull info! I translated it and posted it in my blog ;P

  14. Hey, i´m really glad you liked the content!! Ofc, feel free to translate and republish on your blog, i would be happy only with some link exchange to the original article here. Once more, thanks for stooping by and let us know your insight about this article.

  15. backlink added
    I was tragic I forgot that… :/

  16. No problem 😛 Thanks for adding the backlink, once more im glad you all liked and comment the article! Appreciated!

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