Design for the smile – what the feelings can tell more about your design?


In this days happened to me, i laugh because of a design object!! I was at pizzart a restaurant in Aveiro and what was my surprise when stoped in front of the WC!? I did not know what door to choose!!! Right, left, left, right… and with the shame of entering in the wrong place i stocked there looking at the two doors. In a few seconds realise that the doors were covered of names: girls names at one door and the other men names. Wasn´t there that black and white common WC logo but just doors with names. The surprise factor make me laugh!

(only found this picture that mix men´s and girls names but at the real doors that i mention only was girls name (at one door) and men´s names (at the other door) – but the design its the same).

Design for feelings

This event made me think about the importance of feelings and the relationship they have with the objects of design. In thinking about it, i remembered some words of Designer Sebastian Bergne written in the book Design of the Century XXI:

“I am happy with a design when it makes people laugh.”

Use this pleasant subtlety in design’s is creating a strong relationship invisibly between the client / user and design object. There are several factors that would make someone smile:

  • an object with element of surprise,
  • with familiarity,
  • satisfaction,
  • pride,
  • beauty,
  • humor or curiosity.

The stimulation of these reactions associated with an object created to carry out its basic functions would be waking up to the perfect harmony of Man Vs Objects designs.

Do you already stop to think that we can make design to produce feelings? and the communication can be much more effective? Fun? pleasant?



7 Responses to “Design for the smile – what the feelings can tell more about your design?”

  1. absolutely great design for the smile

  2. Thanks m8, I´m glad you liked…

  3. It’s an incredible combination to have a funny spirit and creative thinking and another way to prove that we can make people smile :). These people make our day and they should enjoy their lives as much as they do with ours.
    I like the idea of the toilets doors. Thanks José for sharing.
    .-= Firas S.´s last blog ..Twitter! Who is following you? =-.

  4. Hey Firas. I´m glad you like my story 😀 I must say that i share same thoughts. That person, that i didn´t figur out who it is, must be a very creative and funny person 😀 i guess our personality reflects our work as well!! Once more thank you for stopping by…

  5. 5 costinha

    i liked this one my friend! has your face in it!

  6. Hey m8 😀 I´m glad you found my design workstation!! We need to talk, I need guys like you to help me here!!!
    .-= José Pacheco´s last blog ..Biodiversity year – free vector nature pack =-.

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