3# The best readings for this week – designi1 suggestions


This week was very rich in new design stuff. It was hard to select this list with so many interested design projects. You´ll find here Logotypes – best of 2009, Photography and textures, articles, patterns, wordpress developments, tutorials, tools…  hope you can get inspired after this post and if you´ve some nice article that can be placed here as well don´t forget to share in the comment section.

Have a nice reading!!!!!!!!!!!

LogosThe 20 Best Logos from 2009

Here you can find some awesome logos made in 2009. They´re all shining. The best of 2009? can be arguable…


Creative Fan

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Photography, Textures and Websites – 50 Examples and Tutorials of Bokeh in Photography, Textures and Websites

Some of them are not totally new. But the author made a really nice round up of textures that i really liked and saved for posture use.


Design Tutorials 4you

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Article – How to stay sane when freelancing from home

I´ve no experience of been to long at home working so i can argue about the methods but i really enjoy reading this. Interesting reading.


Sam Brown

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Patterns – 225+ Free Adobe Illustrator Patterns

Lovely patterns. I´m very excited to use some of them. They all seemed to be awesome. Very new and very fresh ones at my eyes.


Design Mag

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Development – How to Create a Theme Development Environment for a Live WordPress Site

Very useful plugin for wordpress user and if you´re a developer and designer as well. You can have two design at the same web site. And that can be useful to show to some particularly persons  after publishing it online.


Tom Kenny

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Tutorial – Create a student character mascot with Adobe Illustrator

Simple techniques for an awesome result. Great tutorial.



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Cartoon – How a web designer goes straight to hell

Take a brake and laugh a little reading this funny hell article very well illustrated 😀


Matthew Inman

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One of the best design writers that i have totally pleasure on reading. Meet him at drawar web site on this last article what is design?



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Tools – Website Stencil Kit

Sketch out interfaces, patterns and flows with our website stencil.

Great tool. It might be useful to construct web sketch´s.


UI Stencils

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Browser – Are You Ready To Transfer To Chrome? – 30 Irreplaceable Chrome Extensions

Chrome… and finally the plug-ins that the web designers needed to start using google chrome.


Dainis Graveris

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Redesign – Process of Redesigning N.Design

On of the best designers finally show´s how he made the redesign of n. design. Interesting reading. It might inspired you for other projects.


Nick La

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10 Responses to “3# The best readings for this week – designi1 suggestions”

  1. 1 Ricky SJ

    Nice list… Pretty fresh and awesome articles!

  2. thanks for mention of my tutorial. regards
    .-= reADactor´s last blog ..Create a student character mascot with Adobe Illustrator =-.

  3. Thanks for the comments!! @rADactor as i wrote in the article really liked the final mascot. Nice work 😛

  4. Great shares

  5. They deserve 😀 Thanks!

  6. I posted one more comment to your blog, but you didnt approve that. I still keep check your blog anyways..

  7. @ucak it might have went to the spam folder… need to check that. Thanks for the comments. Apreciated!

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