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You´ll stay admired when you check your website statistics and see that you´ve lots of traffic provided by mobile devices or other screens with 420 pixels resolutions or even lower. Truly thinking in this permissive wrote by Ben Parr @mashable web site: “Web access will not focus around the computer”, I truly believe that this […]

In this days happened to me, i laugh because of a design object!! I was at pizzart a restaurant in Aveiro and what was my surprise when stoped in front of the WC!? I did not know what door to choose!!! Right, left, left, right… and with the shame of entering in the wrong place […]

This week was very rich in new design stuff. It was hard to select this list with so many interested design projects. You´ll find here Logotypes – best of 2009, Photography and textures, articles, patterns, wordpress developments, tutorials, tools…  hope you can get inspired after this post and if you´ve some nice article that can […]