17 Awesome Free Fonts for Your Work


The printed word has been in existence for hundreds of years and the written word has been in existence for thousands. One area of design that has trailed more than any other in the transition to the web has been typography – in ezinearticles.

The type is the main concern of all designs i made, and because of that, in this post, i´ll show you a collection of fonts that i used on my work in this year 2009. Its a collection of free and amazing good quality fonts. Just click in the image to link to the download web page outside of designi1.com.

1 – Diavlo contains 5 weights: Light, Book, SemiBold Medium, Bold and Black.

  • Extended language support*
  • Improved glyph shapes (such as S, s, W, w, f, t, diactitics, fractions and many more … )
  • Numeral widths are now old style (via OpenType tabular widths can be accessed)
  • Extended and improved kerning (now over 3.200 kerning pairs)


2 – Anivers only regular mode is for free.


3 – Walkway is a Sans Serif Font with 7 different weights and styles. Really nice modern font, elegant and clean.


4 – Fertigo pro

Really nice review made at smashmagazine about this font.


5 – Quicksand with all 7 different weights including a dashed version. The font looks really nice.


6 – Delicious

I really like this typo every character has consistency in spacing the typo at the all is very elegant. The negative thing about this is just because it didn´t support all languages and symbols.


7 – Fountin very nice web font for titling your posters

The numbers of the Fontin have a ‘hybrid’ design. They carry the characteristics of medieval numbers, but their size is larger than the x-height.


8 – Calluna – Only regular type is free to use

Calluna supports a very wide range in languages and is a very complete OpenType typeface. Each font counts 723 glyphs.


9 – Harabara – pretty harmony bold font.

This type seems to have kerning issues between some characters but steels a good and beauty rounded font that can be used for logos and typographic artwork.


10 – Puritan – brilliant for a clean design


11 – Resavska – Sans serif font with a Large character map


12 – Roadway

Roadway is based on U.S. highway lettering observed on New York street signs. Two weights of highway lettering would often be used on the same sign, condensed for the main name (Roadway uppercase) and a half-size regular superscript (Roadway lowercase) for ‘road’ or ’street.

(is roadway not rodway like shows in the image i´ll change it soon as i can)


13 – Oceania – clean beautiful font (No free font anymore)


14 – Star Avenue


15 – RipeType – Regular, Light, SemiBold, Bold

A Geometric Postmodern slab seriffed face. The serifs feature simplistic rounded terminals and its stroke is uniform. Ripe was designed to be a practical typeface. Each character is distinct, yet consistent.


16 – Lot

Really good font that Ill help you in your creativity design process.


17 – Fh-Lentil-Regular



Talking about free and payable fonts i must say that in most cases you got many troubles about the free fonts. Its always missing some character or symbol and some had really issues problems like the kerning.  Some free fonts are really amazing with a professional look you just need to keep trying some of them reading some reviews before you applying it to your work. If you´re going to make some book that needs long texts take careful about free fonts. Some of them aren´t finished or they didn´t make the all characters for all languages.This pack are the better free fonts that i ever ear about and already tried most of them. I´m really happy with them.

The free fonts in my study case are mostly used for leaflets, posters or logos. I tried once to use Delicious font type on a book but realized, after applying the type, that it didn´t support all characters that were needed. So i´ve changed to Quicksand book that available a huge support about languages, symbols and characters. I used a lot also Fontin Type for titles and quotes. Its in my eyes  a beauty bold weight font.

I´ll use for next work Lot type. Its an interesting font to start logo design.

Hope you enjoyed this round up about free fonts and if you´ve some works made at this fonts or new fonts not listed here feel free to share it on the comment section.

Gordon Brown Prime Minister, UK

Design Quote: Success does not happen by accident, it happens by design.


19 Responses to “17 Awesome Free Fonts for Your Work”

  1. 1 bigski

    cool fonts Carlos!

  2. Nice collection, and in a great layout. Thanks!
    .-= bluefaqs´s last blog ..10 Effective Ways To Improve Online Readability =-.

  3. This is a great list, thanks for sharing. A really nice variation as well. Most free font lists tend to be ones that would not be appropriate for body copy, but here is a real variation for all uses. Puritan and Calluna are my favourites.

    I did a post of free fonts at http://www.freddesign.co.uk/2009/11/archive/great-thick-headline-fonts/ mostly headline fonts though. Your list is much better 🙂
    .-= freddesign´s last blog ..Simple rules for good typography =-.

  4. Great list, thanks for sharing!

  5. Great fonts, some lovely clean, classy looking ones here.

    Thank you for sharing it!
    .-= Luke Sheppard´s last blog ..Absolutely Huge List of Quality, Free Grunge Fonts =-.

  6. Nice Collection,Thanks to share.
    .-= Kimcool´s last blog ..ECONOMY =-.

  7. This article has been shared on favSHARE.net. Go and vote it!
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  8. Thank you all for your feedback. I´m glade you liked this round up about free fonts…

  9. Very nice collection of fonts.
    .-= Site Reviver´s last blog ..10 Professional Banner Design Providers =-.

  10. thanks mate 😀 im already finishing another cool pack hope i can available them soon 😀

  11. Fantastic collection been looking for a good font for my new logo, thanks for sharing
    .-= Kef Kid´s last blog ..Welcome to Kefalonia Now! =-.

  12. Hey, i´m glad this list might be useful for you. I´ve visited your web and i would suggest to try Anivers, for a clean logo i suggest quickfont or puritan 😀

  13. Thanks Jose for the recommend, I will try them Anivers does look a clean font, Cheers
    .-= Kef Kid´s last blog ..Welcome to Kefalonia Now! =-.

  14. great collection 🙂 welcome back. Also visit my latest post regarding the newest fresh free fonts collection.

  15. beautiful fonts José… i like it..Great work buddy 🙂

  16. thanks both for the kind comments. I just shared the best new free typefaces at the moment 😀 lets see if sooner i can refresh you guys with some new fonts… btw, logolitic, that neuton font is just great for long print texts!

  17. Really like the font list. There new age yet still professional. My favorite is Star Ave.

  18. Hey Brett, welcome to designi1. First of all, thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment.

    I would say that start avenue its a great font for casual jobs or some simple heading titles. I would not recommend using it for long texts 😀

  19. Thanks allot for sharing, this is awesome!

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