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First of all i want to say that this tutorial is my official announcement to wish you all an amazing Christmas Time – Full of love into your family and friends. In this new tutorial i´ll explain how to make in a few steps one cool and functional Christmas Post card that you can use […]

Christmas time its in our doors. We´re almost there. The Santa is coming with his beg full of happy smiles. Its a color and happy time. For us, designers, its time to start drawing and redesigning all our branding. Time to Thanksgiven also and you should follow the 5 steps that designinformer suggest at his […]

Hey guys, i´m recently redesigning my website. If you saw something changing do not be afraid its just me mixing some colors, adding new CSS and images. Far from the redesign ending i´ll in meanwhile making some post “we can stop walk just because we don´t have shoes”… You know what a mean 😀 Feel […]

I´m actually making all artwork for the IWE2010 and for my inspiration i´ve searched a lot about the event theme – Sustainable World. Most of the research that i´m  showing here was made at Deviantart where i recently created one account to promote all my artwork. The sketch artwork for IWE2010 can be seen at […]

#2 Design News


Today´s research i found some new events and some new websites that can be important had them in mind. The headlines will be about the Nottingham Creative Business Award, The Australia Museums (Museum Victoria and Melbourne Museum) and The Oslo School of Architecture and Design – Event. Nottingham Creative Business Award, on the 7th October… […]