11 Font Management software


How many of you spend hours and hours searching for the right font for your work? Today i´ll talk about font management that you can use to make your work more productive. Below, after the review, i´ve listed 11 free/commercial font managers for Mac and Windows. Feel free to tell me if you use another tool and why is better?


Reviewed – Printer’s Apprentice

Printer’s Apprentice gives you a good preview and the option to deactivate and activate fonts. You can use it for installing/uninstalling fonts and its always nice as an organisation / browsing tool. As well as print output – you can grab your text and print some sheets to take a fast printed preview. It can also preview fonts which aren’t installed (which can be useful).

Font management can be an good tool for looking through the catalogues and finding possible fonts for a new project. Some people might be happy to scroll through the font option in their chosen program. Dont talking also the time you spent if you´ve to many  fonts in your system, your PC will slowdown for sure. Like it shows in this image i´ve remove all my 200 Fonts from the system and installed all 13 free fonts that i wanted for work – Adobe Illustrator loaded faster. When i wanted to grab some different font it was more faster then before.


Download it here

I´ve tried Printer’s Apprentice and he fits in what i expect from this kind of software. I´ve prepared one pack of 13 beautiful free fonts and i´ll show it in the next post through this software the preview of that typography.

Other Options



Which one do you use? Your favourite software is missing? Let me know in the comments to update this list!


6 Responses to “11 Font Management software”

  1. 1 John. P.

    I use Font Viewer… you got nice list here! Maybe i´ll try the font explorer or font frezy – i need free one! what do you think?

  2. very nice list thanks.

  3. Thanks 😀

  4. 4 Susan

    I use X-Fonter on Windows.

  5. I´ll take a look, thanks for your feedback!

  1. 1 Lose Your Mind Development » Blog Archive » Printer’s Apprentice 8.0 – Designer Review

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