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Doing this kind of post for the first time i feel the need to explain to you what i´m posting here. For now on i´ll make a kind of selection about what´s new. Today i´ll show 3 remarkable design projects like the electric car ring by Iranian Mohammad Ghezel, Interior Design work with Nini Andrade and the winner of Guggenheim contest with the Cork Block Shelter by David Mares.

eRingo by Iranian Mohammad Ghezel


The designer Iranian, Mohammad Ghezel, loves to create futuristic designs. eRingo is the concept of an electric car that looks like a huge wheel. With two control wheels when they change the control of the direction, the other wheel locked, so they can take turns at the helm of the car without having to change places.

In an interview with Wired magazine, Ghezel said he did not care if the car design is not very practical for today, because no limits to the creation, and believes his project is not impossible to come true.

Winner of design Shelter Competition


The Portuguese architect David Mares won the ‘Audience Award’ (People’s Prize), with 64 874 votes, the competition “Design It: Shelter Competition” sponsored by the Guggenheim Museum in New York in partnership with Google SketchUp.

The choice of the material was not random, since the cork is an good thermal and acoustic insulator, in addition to be waterproof. Providing also microclimate protection  – which usually vary between dry heat and cold damp. Office designer refereed in ionline (Portuguese lang).

Nini Andrade Silva wins European award



The Portuguese Office Designer Nini Andrade Silva won in the category Interior Design with the work done in Vine Hotel – Funchal. The deliver ceremony will be held on 02 November in London. Nini is also nominated in the category of interiors & Fit Out for the World Architecture Festival (WAF09), the awards will be held in Barcelona on 06 November. Full review news at ionline (portuguese lang).


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  1. 1 Luís Sousa

    What a strange car Mohammad 😀 ROFL. nice post.

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