7 Amazing Lighting WebSites


Today i´ll show 7 new websites. This is the second pack and i´ve decided to choose some pro lighting ones. Hope you get inspired with them as i´m and if you know some website don’t be a shame and share it with us!

1 – arkix.com

The first on list is Arkix.com. They used all pallet screen colors – red, green and blue – all the other colors resulted from the mixed base colors. Very simple and effective lighting website.


2 – yeahstyledg.com

Website with the banner based on a city paintwork.  This illustrating style work make us closer and approach us for different reality. The blue tons and violet make this work very electrify with to many young energy.


3 – casioexilimlab.com

Loved this one because of the textures. The colors were picked very well for this website. All of them are very harmonious.


4 – albertlo.com

Nice lights work! Nothing more to say just watch it…


5 – razorbraille.com

This one is very funny! Love all animation activated by the mouse hover. Its another light color example using the vector style instance previous examples.


6 – beautiful2.com

This is, in my opinion, the best lighting color website example on this pack. You can emphasis the  lightning effect on this website when you mouse hover the menu section.


7 – makephotoshopfaster.com

This tutorial website about photoshop as one big background image mixed with textures and lightning circles of  colors. Harmonious and effective.


If you know some lightning website examples just leave a reply and help us to Gold this post.

Le design n’est pas une affaire de mode, c’est une affaire de nécessité

Jeannot Krecké Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, Luxembourg

4 Responses to “7 Amazing Lighting WebSites”

  1. Portugal !!!!!!!!!!
    We are almost there 🙂
    This way of displaying a book is cool. Have to try it one of these days…

  2. Its pretty amazing you should try it 😀

    BTW you´re referring my last work about the flash paper: http://designi1.com/?p=589

  3. http://yeahstyledg.com/ it`s pretty amazing.

  4. its a impressionist style!! Love that web also… in my next work i really need to make some vector mud like that 😀

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