IKEA switchs to Verdana


After 50 years of the iconic Futura typeface, IKEA has made a switch to Verdana

The 2010 IKEA catalog, now arriving at doorsteps around the world, reveals the company’s choice to change all typography to the Microsoft font that every web designer has grown to hate (you can already hear the cries). Verdana, specifically designed for on-screen readability, first shipped with Internet Explorer 3 in 1996. Being one of the better looking ‘Core fonts for the web’—a limited selection which also includes Arial, Comic Sans, and Times New Roman—Verdana has become one of the most widely used fonts on the web (but rarely ever used in print).

The font will replace IKEA Sans (a customized version of Futura by Robin Nicholas), and IKEA Serif (based on Century Schoolbook). In an interview with the Swedish design magazine Cap & Design, IKEA’s Ivana Hrdlickova says the main reason for the switch was to allow the company to use the same typeface in all countries (current IKEA typefaces do not contain Asian characters, for example). Being that Verdana was designed for the web, it also allows the company’s image to remain consistent online and in print.



The 2010 edition of the world’s third most printed publication (next to the Bible and Harry Potter), is now available online.

Quoted from:  http://www.idsgn.org

Petition online: http://www.petitiononline.com/IKEAVERD/petition.html

Quote from Milton Glaser:

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.


6 Responses to “IKEA switchs to Verdana”

  1. 1 John cash

    What a big big big FAIL!!!!! Will re-twwite this, and i´ll made the petition!

  2. seems to be more financial problems then designer choice. Must be. For me is a big Fail doing this change. Love to much futura to accept this 😀

    I dont have nothing against Verdana and really like that typeface but, one company as IKEA must had one strong/big special/different type/image?

  3. Speaking about fonts. I´m doing a small book just for fun and I´m searching for a nice letter type to use. Any advices? The book will contain mostly poems…


  4. Well if is for Poem book i advise you some beautiful font. Not that clean and normal serif fonts. You may find some good examples in Ilove Typography here: http://ilovetypography.com/tag/free-fonts/

    you may find amazing typos but get one think clear: Its poems but first of all they needed to be read like:
    1 – Neazal: http://www.vllg.com/KLIM/Newzald/mudTyper+Weights

    2 – Calluna: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/exljbris/calluna

    Just share some free fonts i like, Well, soon ill post one article with some free fonts i like and for what they ´re good. Its almost done. Maybe next week i´ll publish it.

    Ty for the question.

  5. Thanks a lot. I think I go for Calluna…

    Since we both share some interest in design (although in my case its just a hobby) I I send you the link of a tool I´ve been using to try and make scientific presentations not so boring and more attractive. So far my students have loved it… and its free 🙂


  6. Calluna its a nice font… never saw it printed in poem style, hope you get a nice book with that font 😛

    PS: Very interesting that prezi stuff 😀 thanks a lot for sharing this. Already spend some hours creating some prezi presentation!!

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