1# Week fav inspiration – 30 July´09


In this week i´ve got 5 web sites for your inspiration. Two web logo inspiration, two designers web site full of amazing stuff´s about Graphic Design and one big design community of designers. Enjoy!

One of his best and recent works was made at his talk at FOWD London 2009 in his web site. Really enjoy listening to his conference at FOWD London you should do it also.

  • Blog.SpoonGraphics: Great blog with many vector Adobe Tips and Tutorials by Chris Sponner

It is one of my best inspiration resources. Really enjoy reading all stuff published by Chris Sponner. He available in his web site freebies, tutorials, articles and first of all he is very creative. In the tutorials we can encouraged all people to learn how to use and to do. Its amazing.

  • Fuelyourcreativity.com: Web site with an Huge Design article contributors. Tips, tutorials, freebies and so on!

They´ve pretty cool articles and links to various sites that will keep you informed on how other creatives get things done. Interviews with creatives, etc, etc. Most important is that they´ve a great background community that fills Fuel web site with really amazing stuff about our design world.

Great inspiration web site for Logo design.

Same as Wolda, logo faves its an amazing resource for Logo inspiration.


2 Responses to “1# Week fav inspiration – 30 July´09”

  1. 1 Jorge

    Really amazing places to learn and keep you informed about design 😀 congrats! keep it up on trails.

  2. 2 anne

    cool. ty for share!

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