Microsoft Web Apps and Office 2010


oficce10Seems that Microsoft isn´t sleeping when Google tried to get the network monopole

In Worldwide Partner Conference, in 13 of July 2009, announced that Office 2010 will be available in beta version to tens of thousands of people. This Office brings collaboration tools and a “web client that you’ll be able to use simply by keeping your docs up on Skydrive” in channel9.

This is not new, the google had already that kind of collaboration tools – docs, pictures, sites, calendar, social, etc, etc, and a few api´s available that you can develop new applications based on Google framework. A few days ago Google announced Chorme OS, one new operative system for nootbooks. It´ll be an open source Operation System and with this weapon google can fight the big computer company Microsoft. Both projects from Google and Microsoft are trying hard to win this battle of developing stuff that the other company already has. Perhaps the user and the institutions could win with this competition: the new applications, better prices (or also free), more efficiency at work and at web social life. Let´s see carefully what the future brings to us.

Introduction to Microsoft Office 2010

The Office 2010 team has a presence on several social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. You can follow them or friend them on you network of choice – or on all.

+ @Microsoft web page

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