Email icons, Twitter, RSS…


There isn´t any secret to build these icons. I´ll put all forms (icons), like i show in this example, in the “Tips” category and explain how can be created with Adobe Illustrator Tool. Two social bookmarks are missing to finish this example, would you like to suggest?!

I´ll do the StumbleUpon and delicious as Luís request and at the end of this week i´ll share the .AI and .PGN files  to download and for free use.





Version 2 with shining borders:





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4 Responses to “Email icons, Twitter, RSS…”

  1. 1 Luís Sousa

    Faz um para o Delicious e outro para stumbleupon e acabavas o primeiro pack 😀 Tão originais!

  2. 2 Christopher F.

    really enjoyed more the second model pack. More shining 😀 waiting for the missing two icons.

  3. Sorry but this need to wait! i´m having lots of work :/

  4. Nice job on this icon set, not that many sites have e-mail and rss icons in the same pack, but yours does!

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