Scheme Colors With Adobe Illustrator


How many of us have faced difficulties in choice of colors to create a logo, a poster, leaflet of, …? I hope at the end of this topic can demystify it and resolve the burning of designer eye in search of harmony color.

This 5 layouts that I speak are only tricks that do not invalidate the use of a different color that is not selected through this palette, however, sometimes difficult to choose a set of colors for a job can say that this is good point of departure for any graphic work.

Before combining the colors is essential to choose a main color of our work. And this will invariably choose the product that you want to disclose / sell and people to which you want to achieve. Surely a red or yellow can automatically join the company of food (mostly fast food), while colors such as blue and green we can see the logos hopitais, gyms, businesses look forward to peace and equilibrium. Much more can be discovered about the psychology of color and the right way to communicate with them.

In this case in particular I will use the example that will develop for the ESEC and therefore, by issues of identity, because we have a color as a starting point – the orange, pantone 165C;


  • Step 1

After you open the Illustrator you need to get the “Swatch” – go to window –> Swatches. To open up a “New Group of Colors” Just follow the steps in the image below. Created, we must join our chosen color to that color scheme doing a drag and drop into that icon folder.


  • Step 2

After completion of “Step 1” should add the 5 color schemes to our “Swatch”: the Complementary, Split Complementary, analogous, the Triad and Tetradic – you can add others but for start lets stay only with this 5. To open the “Live Color” as the image shows, the user should select the “New Group of colors” created in the previous step and click on “Edit Color Group.” After that the open window, as exemplified below, you must follow these two steps and add the “Swatch” the color schemes mentioned. I´ve already a bunch on them on my “Color Groups” perhaps you only see two in your illustrator artwork.


In the case of ESEC chose to incorporate in the complementary colors of the “split complementary” and a complementary color of 2 and I added the schema Monocromatic on orange.


This is a scheme which should be studied in the work that will develop further and establish the effectiveness of it. I will publish a new post when using this color scheme. Until then feel free to share your discoveries!

Scheme colors already in use:


More info. about color Schemes:


2 Responses to “Scheme Colors With Adobe Illustrator”

  1. Yes I also agree with you that sometimes we all face some difficulties in color selection while creating a logo or poster.
    But your article will definitely help them out who face such problem.
    Thanks for an informative article.

  2. Actually this is a simple tip wish can be very useful. Thanks Manik for the kind comment and welcome to the designi1!

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