Web typography


(Only miss changing to English the pictures example)

After launching the first “Typo” on the Web by Tim Berners-Lee, we´re able to identify, in the history line, a variety of different ways of communication (audio, video, script …). However, it is impossible not see the importance that the text remains and will continue to be binding means. “A picture is thousand words” but what we want to communicate sometimes needs to have accurate characters. And when we talk about communication objective is the purpose, letter, word, sentence, set of text to which we devote special attention. This is why some care in the use of fonts for the web should be taken into account: contrast, size, hierarchy and space.


A red print on a pale-colored background pink may not be the best way to read. For the web is used RGB Subtract system while the system used for printing is CMYK – Additive. To the web when they are mixed all the colors (Red + Green + Blue) get the white instead of the additive system which gets the black


I personally do not like to read long texts on the web yet, but sometimes it is necessary and if needed again, I would like to find a Typo in light tones with a dark background. This is because, as is using the additive color system, use a white background would require the use of the whole spectrum of colors which make reading tiring because our eyes get tired to fast also.


It seems a general rule the use by webdesigners of small size Typos. Until they could use the excuse of the typeface that could not be the most appropriate, due to the limitations of the user and therefore the use of a small font size could be the only solution. The truth is that today, has been used many techniques to make our documents more attractive, with diverse sources typographical.



How we select what we read first?


There are several ways arouse attention to certain blocks of text: you can change the color and we have just the perception that this particular text is important;

Or simply use styles to blocks of text;

One last caveat is the importance of good ranking. If we try to highlight an entire block of text is the more certain we can highlight anything because we are trying to highlight everything. It is necessary to set it to start the key topics of a text block.



Space allows us to take a pause in reading. It is a breath of fresh air, the load of batteries. Dense and with no formatting becomes strenuous and cumbersome the readings. The use of these techniques is a simple tip to make them more appealing and easier when they are read.


1- http://www.csstypeset.com

CSS is a tool typeset format printing inloco which returns the CSS code used. Useful for those who need to format text for the web.

2 – How-to-use-any-font-you-wish-with-FLIR

Tool that enables the use of unsafe forms to the web.


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